Thinking Of Scalp Micropigmentation?


This happy client has just had his first session of Scalp Micropigmentation completed.

He had his hair a bit long when he came in so we trimmed his hair down ready for the buzz cut look.

You get a little bit of redness after the first session of SMP but this soon goes after a few hours.

The Beauty of this treatment is there is no downtime.

Couple of things you need to take in to consideration, you cant wash or cut your hair for 5 days after each session.

You also need to protect it from the sun by wearing a baseball cap.

Each session of SMP is 8 – 10 days apart.

My Transformation Perth Before & After 1st Session Bringing back that Hairline with Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP Hair Tattoo) Two more sessions to go to complete this transformation 🌟 👉 Like to find more about this life changing Hair Loss solution? Call 0451 149 582 or contact us now!

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