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Customer Feedback on My Transformation for Hair Tattoos

I had a great experience with Mick. I was very nervous about my beard SMP given it was Micks first time. He made me feel at ease and the results are amazing. You’d think he’d been doing beards for years! Very happy
beard tattoo perth
Adam Haines
Michael was great from the get go. I considered SMP for a while and needed to be sure before I committed. Michael was recommended from a friend at work - who's SMP was so good that I had to ask if he'd had it done. I've seen a few during my research that are really obvious which is what had put me off committing. I'm receding pretty badly but the bit I hate is the growing bald patch at the back of my head which ages me considerably. The 3 step process (1st sitting pretty light, 2nd sitting lots of density, 3rd sitting fine-tuning) makes the whole thing less daunting and allows you to work with Michael to ensure you get the density, colour and shape that you want. I'm greying which Michael accounted for with his excellent eye for colour, plus at 43 I didn't want a 20 year old's hairline! I have just completed the process - although the package comes with top-ups and further fine-tuning for the first year if/as required. The price was in line with the current market (never a good idea to chase cheap with these kinds of procedures), and booking was easy and flexible which was important with me working FIFO. I wouldn't say it's the most comfortable way to spend a few hours but it doesn't hurt as much as a normal tattoo, and as the saying goes, no pain no gain! All in all, I'm so glad I had it done and that I went to Michael for it. My wife is extremely happy and believes it has knocked 10 years off me! Some of my friends have noticed and some haven't, but most importantly it has made me feel much better about myself. I'm all for growing old with grace but this was an easy and very effective fix for something that was getting me down. Worth every cent!
Hair Tattoo Perth
Lee Robinson
Absolutely fantastic, changed my life. And the best bit is everyone thinks it's natural. Fantastic
Steven Nester Session 4
Steven Nestor
Had 3 sessions with mick and couldn’t be happier, definitely has helped with my self confidence. Really easy to deal with, highly recommend
Hair Tattoo Perth
Joe Suvalko
Michael is very proffessional and accomodating. During the consultation, he explained and discussed everything I need to know the "before and after" process. I would highly recommend him 100%. So happy of the outcome. It boost my confidence and no need to wear a cap all the time and a lot of people told me that I look a little bit younger.
Emmanual Joyo Session 4 healed
Emmanuel Joyo
Hi my name is Jake and I am a customer at My Transformation. Michael was great from the get go. His professionalism is excellent and he made me feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. He made the whole experience easy and has helped me gain back my confidence. I am very satisfied with the finished product and can’t thank him enough. I highly recommend Michael from My Transformation, to help transform your hair goals!
Hair Density Tattoo
Jake Hillman
It's been an excellent experience. Micheal is super patient and willing to give extra and beyond. I gain more confidence and feeling good. Highly recommended.
Hair Tattoo Perth
YInhuan Tong
Just had my final (4th) session with Mike at SMP. Stocked with the result. No regrets except I wish I did it years ago.
Receeding Hair After
Daniel Heslop
Micheal made feel very comfortable very happy with the results no pain at all would recommend him to all my bald friends for a full head of hair! Happy days 🙂
Daire Timmons Session 3
Daire Timmons
Mick has done an unreal job and shown professionalism throughout. Couldn’t recommend more thanks again mate
Hair Tattoo Perth
Bradley Oregan
Absolutely amazing, would highly recommend, Mick is great at what he does. Definitely get in contact.
Carmelo Lofaro
Best choice I’ve ever made. Very satisfied with the result. Michael is very knowledgeable and friendly. Highly recommended.
Hair Tattoo Perth
Jack Cheung
Great experience with Michael for my teeth whitening. Very happy with the results & will definitely be returning.
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Dani Wood
Michael is wonderful and I’m really happy with how my teeth look after whitening
Jaylin osullivan teeth whitening
Jaylin O'Sullivan
Amazing job! Really recommend to anyone
Fabio Vigorito Magalhaes
I am extremely happy with the result and would recommend. Very professional .
Hansel Araneda
Really happy with my end result, my hair looks full again Thanks mick
Scalp Micropigmentation Session 2
Kyaw Moe
absolutely amazing result, highly recommended. Thanks a lot Mick!!
Damien Miller
It’s worth going for it more then expectations I never thought I would regain original looks at this age Very happy with this hair treatment and fully satisfied and enjoy my new look
Yeshey Tshering
Excellent experience from the outset, from consultation to completion, Micheal was professional, polite and caring, would highly recommend
Mark Wale
My experience with Mick at My transformation was absolutely satisfying and life changing! Totally recommended! Believe you can have a better version of yourself!!!👌✌
Fabiano Ludwig
Mick did a fantastic job and i can thoroughly recommend him for your SMP treatment. His professional, patient and caring approach made it a great experience and i couldn't be happier with the results.
Michael is very easy going while at the same time extremely professional.He didn't put on any pressure to commit during the initial consultation and gave honest advice explaining each step of the process.His work is excellent and goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy with the result.
I have never written a review before, but I was so impressed with My Transformation, I was compelled to write one, so, grab a coffee and get ready for a decent read.I have never had a tattoo and will never be interested in getting one. The thought of getting a tattoo that was possibly going to be seen for the rest of my life was not an idea I was too keen on if it did not look absolutely natural and perfect.I spoke to Mick a few times about what was going to happen and I quickly noticed Mick was a humble man that loved what he did and made me feel he had my best interest at heart.I think everyone who does not like going bald should make an appointment to go and see Mick.After spending 12 hours with Mick as he painstakingly transformed me from a middle-aged balding man to a man who looks like he prefers a close cut, I can honestly say Mick is an extremely decent man who is incredibly passionate about helping fellow bald men and scalp damaged people regain their natural look.I cannot think of anything more boring than spending all day putting tiny dots on skin, but Mick loves the challenge of blending the tattoo with your hair so there is simply no way anyone can tell which is mick’s work and which is your natural hair.Even before my last visit to Mick’s studio I showed some people, and they could not believe I was bald. They had to touch my head to feel the difference between the part of my head that had hair, and the part of my head that Mick had performed his genius artwork on.There was never any pain through the process, I nearly feel asleep most of the time. There was never any discomfort or itchiness during the healing process; it was always like nothing had happened.As each treatment progressed, I was truly surprised with how things looked. People will not “notice” your hair, and that is the point; they will not notice. When your hair is receding and you are going bald, they instantly notice; this treatment will take the focus off your hairline and put the focus back on where is should be; you.There truly is not one single issue, concern, or downside.As for the cost of the treatment: when you look at the cost of running a business from a super clean professional clinic in Perth, the cost of advertising and licenses, equipment costs and the 12 hours of treatment Mick had to spend on the awesome natural artwork on my head, it is incredibly cheap.This is not a popular service like it is over in the East and other countries so take advantage of the cheap cost now before the idea catches on in the West and the price increases to where it should be.If you don’t like the look of a receding hairline and going bald, this is the best thing you will ever do.
Highly recommend Mick! I would never imagine taking my cap off, but once I went through the 3 appointments the result was spectacular, I could immediately see the difference. For guys that are experiencing balding and feel self conscious about it, please give Mick a call, he is very good at what he does. His clinic is private and he will make you feel at ease.
Dee Aye
Would highly recommend Michael. He explained everything in great detail and made me feel very comfortable from the consultation and throughout the sessions. It wasnt painful, i even feel asleep during one session. Very happy with the results would definately recommend.
John Ryan
Mick was very professional and did a great job. Every step was explained clearly and the results were excellent.
Ben Sutton
very professional, very precise & the experience was absolutely life changing
Madeline Armstrong
Maddelyn Armstrong
Michael at My Transformation has done a fantastic job and I would highly recommend him. My hair looks fuller and I am looking forward to the summer pool parties. Thanks! 🙂
Grant Dear
I had 3 sessions with mick and couldn't be happier with my results. BEST decision i have made this year, so happy with my new look.
session 2 of SMP 1
Timothy Piercy

After many years of trying expensive hair growth products without success, I was advised to contact Michael at My Transformation for a consultation about his treatment and how it would best work for my situation. After talking with and seeing Michael’s own transformation I was confidant enough to proceed with my own transformation. Michael made the whole experience easy, comfortable and kept me well informed over the process. Even with follow up messages to check on my progress. Michael is highly professional and truly cares about the confidents this treatment provides to his clients. I am very satisfied with the finished product and would highly recommend anyone facing hair loss to contact Michael at My Transformation. Thank you again Michael
after scalp micropigmentation 3rd session
Wayne Potter
Absolutely over the moon , attention to detail amazing, highly recommend the service , thanks heaps
Lyle Leach
Had a great experience at My transformation. Michael is very good at what he does, offers great advice and I will definitely recommend him. I'm very happy with my results ☺ Thank you
Sonal Parmar
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