Scalp Micropigmentation Munster Perth Wa


Scalp Micropigmentation gone wrong

This client from Munster Perth came to us after having Scalp Micropigmentation done else were, with terrible results.

We went through his options and he decided to go with two sessions of SMP to bring the hairline forward and sort out the look on top.

bad smp done else were 2
Bad SMP done else were
bad smp done else were
Bad SMP done else were

As you can see from the before images they were pretty bad.

smp put right
Two sessions of SMP
putting right smp
Two sessions of SMP
putiing right bad smp from someone
Two sessions of SMP

We have done two sessions of Scalp Micropigmentation so far.

Once the redness subsides in 24hrs, we will take another look at it to see if it needs another session in a couple of weeks.

Even after two sessions putting right the bad Scalp Micropigmentation from the other artist our client is happy!!

His hairline has been brought forward and we have added proper density to the top of his head.

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