Scalp Micropigmentation Client From Yokine Perth


This client came for a consultation at our Ballajura clinic were we discussed and assessed his hair-loss.

He was a perfect candidate for Scalp Micropigmentation.

When you come for your first session we draw your new hairline, this is adjusted and agreed by the client.

Some clients like a slight regression or there hairline reinstated to its original point.

After the new hairline is agreed we proceeded to start the first session of Scalp Micropigmentation (smp)

We begin the first session by mixing the ink to match the clients skin tone and hair colour.

The process takes up to 4hrs to complete, and will go on slightly lighter and more spread out so we can build up the density and colour over the sessions.

With this process we can bring hairline forward slightly or go darker, but we cant go back or lighter.

We then leave 8 – 10 days between each session so it is fully healed.

There will be a slight redness after each session but this goes pretty quickly.

By the 3rd session you should be complete.


There’s a few things you need to know about SMP you cant wash or cut your hair for 5 days after each session and need to avoid heavy sweating were possible.

You may not retain all the pigment but this is normal and can be done on the next session.

Finally once it is all finished you have to wait 30 days before any type of swimming.

If you are thinking about doing it maybe knows the time to come in for a chat it may be the best decision you have made.

Contact us for a Free Consultation.

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