Scalp Micropigmentation Aftercare


Anyone that gets scalp micropigmentation treatment is going to experience fading. Everyone will need to get a touch up usually between 4 and 8 years, depending on how well the pigment holds. The last thing you want is to experience fading early. And the only thing you can do to avoid this is follow the aftercare.

Aftercare Guide

  • Days 1-4 – During the first four days it is really important not to get your head wet. This may be difficult as your scalp may be red and itchy after the procedure, but the area is still sensitive at this point and you can damage the work done if it gets wet. You also do not want to shave or even touch your head within the four days. If preferred you can wear a hat during this time, just make sure it is soft, loose and comfortable.
  • Days 5-7 – Throughout this time you want to avoid sweating heavily, so no extreme workouts as it can delay healing. Do not shampoo or scrub your scalp as you can open the wounds, remember you have just had thousands of tiny open wounds in your scalp. Exposure to ultraviolet rays can make the pigment fade, also it can lead to sunburn. Still avoid touching your scalp, your hands come in contact with so many germs throughout the day, so touching your scalp can lead to infection.
    You need to stay hydrated and wash your scalp gently with a clean wet cloth, water only!
  • Days 8-14 – At this stage you still do not want to be touching your head. Your scalp may have started scabbing over now and any contact could cause the scabs to peel which can also remove the pigment. You want to avoid using anything that could irritate your scalp more, you can use moisturiser that is advised by the professional scalp micropigmentation artist, but nothing more and a very thin layer of moisturiser at that. If you apply too much it can delay healing rather than help it. At this point you can shave or cut your hair if it is needed, just very gently. You can also wash your scalp with clean water and fragrance free, antibacterial soap.
  • Day 15 – At this stage your scalp should have healed enough for you to return to your daily routine and your next session should be scheduled.

Long term aftercare – Continue to avoid ultraviolet rays by using over factor 50 sunscreen or wear a hat. You want to stay away from chlorinated pools, saunas and steam rooms for at least a month after treatment. Keep washing your scalp with clean water and soap. After showering moisturise your scalp, avoiding products with alcohol and Alpha-hydroxy acids in. Also moisturise before bed to keep your scalp from drying up too much.

There are no guarantees of exactly how long your treatment will last. But as explained by The Scalp Master after completion of your treatment the high importance of aftercare giving you lasting results.

The best way to avoid anything going wrong after having scalp micropigmentation is by following the aftercare procedure carefully. Not doing so can lead to infection, this will delay healing and you will not get the best results and are likely to experience early fading of the pigment.

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