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Scalp Micropigmentation
Scalp Micropigmentation

The Hair Growth Cycle

Hair is an outer covering of the human body that grows from follicles underneath the skin. It protects the skin and keeps it warm. Hair

Scalp Micropigmentation

Can Scalp Micropigmentation be removed?

Scalp micropigmentation is intended as a permanent hair loss solution. No one should get this procedure if they have the intention of removing the ink

norwood scale for hairloss
Scalp Micropigmentation

What Is The Norwood Scale?

The Norwood scale is a set of images used to measure the extent of male pattern baldness. Men suffering hair loss lose their hair in

Treat alopecia with SMP
Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation For Alopecia

Alopecia Alopecia areata is a common autoimmune condition that causes cells to attack the hair follicles, resulting in sudden unexpected hair loss on the scalp

Scalp Micropigmentation

Should You Train In Scalp Micropigmentation?

Scalp Micropigmentation Training Scalp micropigmentation has become the world’s leading hair loss solution. This treatment is changing the lives of people across the world, giving

After care for scalp micropigmentation
Scalp Micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation Aftercare

Anyone that gets scalp micropigmentation treatment is going to experience fading. Everyone will need to get a touch up usually between 4 and 8 years,

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